Tim Allen is originally from a small town in Northeast Ohio.  He moved to Central Missouri in 2008 to start his own business and had started playing music on the side as a hobby.  When he started writing more songs, he began to travel further and further distances to play for whoever will listen.  

"Tim is the most humble and unassuming man I know.  When he writes a song, the lyrics are meant to move you.  Some artists sing the things that are hard for us & others to say.  Tim Allen does just that... His original songs bring tears to my eyes... he really does deliver his music in a way that touches the soul."  - Cheryl Swift "Duchess of Rock & Roll"

Hard work has been something that Tim has built a career on and it is the same with music.  With influences from Merle Haggard and George Jones, what he has always related to has been the lyrics and message that the music portrays.  With songs like "Lifetime on the Road" and "Looking Up at a Dream" he gives you a glimpse into his own life. 

Tim has played different venues all around the midwest, including Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia and the Carolinas.  He has played shows all over with many artists including Porter Union(Springfield, MO), Alex Williams (Indianapolis), Tennessee Jet (Oklahoma), Josh Morningstar(Maryland),  Jonathan Parker(North Carolina), Justin Wells(Kentucky), Eric Bolander(Kentucky), Tom McElvain(Texas), Joe Austin(Mississippi), Richie Allbright(Texas), and many others!  

It looks like 2019 will be busy after releasing a brand new EP produced by Cole Porter.  Keep an eye out for upcoming tour announcements and everything coming up next.


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Photo Cred: PKC

Photo Cred: PKC